2016 Events

Mariner’s Jeopardy: A team of six from each crew tests their knowledge of various subjects by playing Jeopardy. The crew accumulates points by correctly posing questions for a range of answers in several categories. After 15 minutes, they get the chance to wager any of their points on a more difficult Final Jeopardy answer. Ask the right question and the points wagered are added to their total. Ask the wrong question and the wagered points are subtracted

Nautical Taboo: A nautical version of the Taboo® word Game.

Signaling Relay: Two crew members send a message using international code flags to two members at a second location. They then send the message to a third team that is located where they cannot see the first team. Did they receive the same message?

Drill: The Coxswain is handed a list of commands and has five minutes to discuss them with the crew. After that the Coxswain must lead the crew through all of the commands. You know there has to be a catch. No one, including the Coxswain, can make any sound.

Skiff Pulling: Two members load a large object into a skiff and row from one point to another where they unload the object. Then two other members reload the object and row back to the starting point and unload the skiff. Timed

Nautical Concentration: Twelve cards with six sets of two pictures hidden under them are lined up on a table. Each member selects two cards. They are turned up to display the pictures. If they match, the pictures are turned over to reveal two letters. If not, the cards are closed again and the next member selects two cards. This timed event runs until the crew identifies the twelve letter word or phrase on the cards.

Sculling: Two crews of two members maneuver skiffs from the dock to a turn-around point, change positions and maneuver back to the dock. The skiffs each have a single oar mounted at the center of the stern.

Block & Tackle: Crews reeve a double-double block using a bowline to secure the line to the block and a figure eight knot in the other end. The blocks are pulled 25 feet apart. They then use the rig to lift an object and secure the line to a cleat.

Sailing: The crew selects from an assortment of parts to rig a sabot, sail it over a course and break it down again for time.

Sail-O: A game found in an old edition of the Sea Scout Manual. Each Crew Member answers a Rules of the Road question. If the answer is correct, he/she rolls the dice and moves a “Boat” over a chart lined out in 1” squares. The object is to maneuver your boat over the chart from the start line to the finish line in the 20 minute time limit. The Judge may throw in some variables such as a change of wind direction, shoal, a dredge or maybe even an iceberg.

Canoeing: Two crew members paddle each of two canoes out to a buoy and back. Oh, looks like we forgot the paddles!

Knot Tying: Five crew members simply tie one of five knots each. They have thirty seconds to finish their knot. They are, of course, inside of a very dark room.

Line Handling: Two 55 gallon drums are spaced 41 feet apart. A water (“no entry”) area 35 feet wide is marked between the drums. The drums are 3 feet from the lines. Other equipment: a heaving line and 70 feet of large hawser. At the judge’s signal, the first team of two ties a clove hitch around their drum using the hawser. They then attach the heaving line to the hawser and toss it to the other team of two on the other side of the water. They haul the hawser across the water and tie a clove hitch around their drum. The heaving line is coiled and the two teams return to their starting points at attention.

Compass & Relative Bearings: The crew is given a circle with 32 points and the outline of a boat with 32 points. They place cards with points of the compass or relative bearings on the proper points. Sounds easy enough except there are only 32 cards. When time starts the entire crew enters the circle and places 16 of each type of points in their proper places. When they are satisfied they have it right they return to the start line at attention and time stops. Time added for misplaced cards.