2017 Events

Boater’s Challenge: Each crew member, in order, is asked a question with four possible answers. With a correct answer, the question is counted and the crew’s score is doubled. If a question is missed, the crew’s score returns to zero and scoring starts over with the next question. The event continues     for 20 minutes. If a crew member does not know an answer, he/she may use one of the following last chance opportunities: (These will each be available only once during the course of the event.)

Ask a crew mate. (The crew member may ask any one of his/her crew mates for help but he/she must answer the question)

Fifty/Fifty (Judge will remove two incorrect answers.)

Ask the crew. (The crew member may ask for help from the entire crew but he/she must answer the question.)

Nomenclature: In a timed relay, each member shown a nomenclature term and then uses a white board and dry marker to get his/her crew to say the correct word. The member may not write words or draw a picture of the item as clues and may not talk. Their score is the number of correct answers in fifteen minutes.

Cross the River: This exercise in teamwork and coordination starts with a crew of six lined up behind one of two lines thirty feet apart. These represent banks of a river. They are given eight “magic” blocks of wood. These blocks float and can be walked on. They must be in contact with a member at all times. If one is allowed to sit on the “river” untouched it is assumed to have floated away and is taken by the judge.  If a member touches the ground he/she is considered to have fallen overboard and must return to the beginning. Since everyone must cross, this means the rest of the crew must go back to retrieve their lost member. The score is the time it takes to get everyone across the “river”.

Heaving Line: Each person attempts up to three throws of a weighted rope (monkey’s fist. The target consists of a cone with a ball balanced on top at a distance of 25 feet.  The object is to knock the ball off of the cone.

Knot Tying: Each member is given a piece of line with a knot tied in it. They must tie the same knot in their line then pass their line to the next person to do the same. That person passes their line t the next person and so on. BTW: They are all blindfolded.

Scout Law: The crew is given 28 cards with terms on them. Twelve of them are the points of the Scout Law. How long will it take the crew to select the correct points and arrange them in order? Is a Scout really Happy, Smart, Rugged, Useful, or Relevant?

Sailing Identification: Each member is given a card with the name of a part of a sailboat. They then board an actual sailboat and identify the part.

Compass & Relative Bearings: The crew is given a circle with 32 points and the outline of a boat with 32 points. They place cards with points of the compass or relative bearings on the proper points. Sounds easy enough except there are only 32 cards. When time starts the entire crew enters the circle and places 16 of each type of points in their proper places. When they are satisfied they have it right they return to the start line at attention and time stops. Time added for misplaced cards.

Skiff Pulling: Two members load a large object into a skiff and row from one point to another where they unload the object. Then two other members reload the object and row back to the starting point and unload the skiff. Timed

Night Cruise: The crew is shown a slide show of light formations on boats. Each slide displays for 30 seconds. The crew must identify the meaning of those lights. The lights may be shown from right ahead, from starboard or from right astern.

Barrel Fill: There is a barrel positioned about 30’ from the water. The crew is given a bucket to use to fill the barrel. This is to be done bucket-brigade style with the crew in a line from the water to the barrel. Except for the coxswain, who is positioned closest to the water, the crew is blindfolded.

Canoeing: Two crew members paddle each of two canoes out to a buoy and back. On the way out they sit face to face. When they reach the buoy they turn around to sit back to back.

Compass & Relative Bearings: Crew places cards with compass and relative bearing points on a circle of 32 points. To start, they select one random card from each stack and place them on any point. From these reference points the crew works together to place the rest of the points. They are timed. Oh, there are 12 of each set of cards missing.

Kayaking: Two kayaks with two members each. One of each has a paddle and the other holds the ends of a line (which they should not let go of). When they reach the turn-around point, one paddle is transferred to the other boat and that boat tows the other back to the starting point.

International Code Flags: Most of the events displayed a code flag. The crews had to collect the letters and unscramble the message.