2018 Events

Mariner’s Jeopardy: A team of six from each crew tests their knowledge of various subjects by playing Jeopardy. The crew accumulates points by correctly posing questions for a range of answers in several categories. After 15 minutes, they get the chance to wager any of their points on a more difficult Final Jeopardy answer. Ask the right question and the points wagered are added to their total. Ask the wrong question and the wagered points are subtracted

Nautical Taboo: It's the popular Taboo game, the fast-paced game of forbidden words. The aim of the game is for players to get their team to correctly guess the nautical term listed on the top of the card without using any of the forbidden words listed on the card under the term.

Treasure Island: This popular event is a super size board game. A large grid of 2” x 2” squares has several islands placed on it. Each island has several cards with questions. For fifteen minutes the crew takes turns rolling dice and their moving their “Pirate Ship” over the board to reach an island. When reaching an island the member picks up a card and reads the question. When the crew answers the next member takes a turn. Each question is worth one to three “doubloons” depending on difficulty.

“Yawl Ketch This!”: Match the boat picture with the type of boat. This is a timed relay to identify 18 different kinds of boats.

Knot Tying: The first member is given a piece of line with a knot tied in it. They must tie the same knot in their line then pass their line to the next person to do the same. That person passes their line to the next person and so on. BTW: They are all blindfolded.

What Is It?: Ten boxes lined up with objects in them. Crew members had to put their hand through a hole in each box to determine what each item is.

Compass Points: Arranging compass points in a circle is easy. How about a straight line? To make it more fun, start by having the Coxswain draw a random card and place it on any point.

Bucket Brigade: Two 55 gallon drums spaced 20 feet apart. The crew has three buckets. They must use the buckets only and may not move the barrels. The move as much water as they can from one barrel to the other in one minute.

Walk the Plank: Teamwork and coordination are key when six crew members strap their feet to two long boards and must work together to maneuver themselves from the starting line out to a marker 20 feet away, around the marker and back to the starting line in an event we like to call "Walk the Plank".

Relative Bearings: On board a boat, the crew is given a list of objects in the area and asked to provide the relative bearing of each object. There was also a bonus question. For those who are still wondering what’s a henweigh? About 5 pounds. (Although I am not sure whether we are talking about a chicken, turkey or piano.)

Sailing: Crew members take turns placing tags with the name of sailboat parts on a large picture of a sailboat.

Sea Promise: The crew is given a collection of cards. Each card contains one word. Put together properly, the words create the Sea Promise. How long does it take the crew to get it right?

Nautical Concentration: Twelve cards with six sets of two pictures hidden under them are lined up on a table. Each member selects two cards. They are turned up to display the pictures. If they match, the pictures are turned over to reveal two letters. If not, the cards are closed again and the next member selects two cards. This timed event runs until the crew identifies the twelve letter word or phrase on the cards.

Lifejacket Drill: The Sea Promise says: “To know the location and proper use of lifesaving devices on every boat I board.” You are cruising when your boat strikes a submerged object. The boat will sink in one minute. You have one minute to put on a lifejacket. Go! Where is the Lifejacket Locker?